Balance 9 – Inside Out

Balance 9 is the duo Tracy M composer/musician and APJ composer/(Sax and Wind Controller) and also a family of hand picked musicians. We all have a future-minded respect for the 9 elements of music. For us, It means a lot where music goes from here. B9 Debut hopes to fill your listening experience with, that love for music to know for a long Time. 

Featured Guitarist Theo (Teddy) Diaz  expresses a  genuine feel and magic to the album, and also GT (sirslapnasty) on bass in Detroit has done funk another step on Half Stepp’n Half, Two Sky’s and Blu-Bee’s a Bluesy synthetic jazzy-soul track.  Ronnie Felder the boss pro bassist is on the favorite track ‘Escape’. Taufi the female vocals  writes and arrange, is a studio pro that has dedicated many studio hours on songs for B9. This will be a fulfilling journey forward for both the supporters and the musicians who contributed.

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