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Ragan Whiteside – Five Up Top

Meanwhile, there are some excellent female flutists to be discovered in the smooth jazz genre. Althea Rene, Kim Scott and Ragan Whiteside are among them the best known and rightly the most popular. Ragan has captured our hearts with her albums Class Axe (2007), Evolve (2012), Quantum Drive (2014), and Treblemaker (2017). She goes one better with Five Up Top (2020).

Many of their long-time companions have also participated in this music project as can be easily seen from the credits. A particularly close cooperation connects her with keyboardists and producer Dennis Johnson and Bob Baldwin, with whom she has realized all her albums.

On the opener JJs Strut Ragan unfolds the beauty of her instrument in the appropriate musical setting. This piece’s cheerfulness reflects the joyous nature of Ragan’s daughter, Moxie. Trumpet player Willie Bradley also supports Ragan with some fine chords. She guested in return on his chart breaker It’s On Now.

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