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Richard Elliot – Authentic Life

San Diego resident saxophonist Richard Elliot has already had an exemplary musical career that is second to none. Tower of Powers, Natalie Cole, Smokey Robinson and the Temptations were already on his agenda at a young age. In 1986 he released his debut album Trolltown. Since this time he has recorded more than twenty albums. His new album Authentic Life (2021) is the current gauge of his development as a person and artist.

From the list of musicians involved, it’s easy to see that a heavyweight of smooth jazz has been invited to record. Richard has rightly recognized that in today’s music market you don’t have to spill the beans, you have to make a killing if you want to play a significant role in the charts. From the current pandemic, Richard has learned a lesson that mutual inspiration is not only possible in the context of a studio recording, rather an interaction can also take place virtually.

After all, the musicians involved are all professionals and are very familiar and equipped with music production via the Internet. Anyone who uses the title Snapshot has to compete with George Duke. With Rick Braun and David Mann, Richard builds a strong horn trio reminiscent of the old days of Tower Of Power. Add to that Jeff Lorber’s staccato synth bass and you’re set.

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