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Les Sabler – Tranquility

Nashville based guitarist Les Sabler started his career in Canada with the album Hidden Treasure (1990) initiated by Canadian Television Network documentary titled Lost Treasures of the TitanicTime For Love (1994), Bridge The Gap (2003), Sweet Drive (2007), Live (2009), Crescent Shores (2010), and Jobim Tribute (2014) mark the career of a great guitarist.

His new album Tranquility (2021) has, according to the credits, a wide range of excellent accompanying musicians, who have their creative circle in the Californian focal point of smooth jazz. The well known names in the scene signal a high quality and up-to-dateness of the new album. Les wrote the tracks mostly in collaboration with Shane Theriot, Paul Brown, Jeff Carruthers, and Lew Laing.

Starter of the album is Crescent City Strut which accentuates a musical theme and is especially characterized by a rock-solid horn arrangement. Les himself plays his guitar with skillful nonchalance and routine.

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