Gerald Albright – G-Stream

The “G-Stream” EP is a composition of three action-packed songs that Gerald Albright has chosen specifically to enhance the listening experience of his audience that have witnessed a historical change-of-life, due to the current pandemic and multi-layered polarity of our globe. With the unique and daily challenges of our “new normal,” coupled with it being an election year reflecting, potentially, one of the most intense political battles in history, he feels that this EP release is very timely. The musicianship on this project is stellar, with the partnership of Chris “Big Dog” Davis on keyboards, James “JRob” Roberson on drums and keyboards, and Rick Watford on guitar, and Cory Baker on vocoder. Even in the worst of times, music has always been celebrated as a source of enjoyment, therapy, and emotional enhancement. This EP project is specifically designed to reach those listeners who fall into these categories!

Gerald Albright comments: “I’m very proud of this project “G-Stream.” Honestly, this project was unpredictable, as the music came out of the experience of dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and the civil unrest in the United States. There were a plethora of emotions that came from these events, which directly affected the music: fear, anxiety, faithfulness, hope, and reassurance. It is my hope that, even though this is instrumental music, you will feel the chapters that I went through during these unique times.”

Download, stream or buy this EP on bandcamp.

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