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Dave Dunlop – Midnight Gamble

Trumpet, flugelhorn and sometimes also the flute, these are Toronto based Dave Dunlop‘s favorite instruments. He has performed with great musicians like Gino Vannelli, Aretha Franklin, Michael Buble, Roger Daltrey, & Aaron Neville and played in over hundred shows.

In his long and successful time as a musician, he has released a total of two albums. His debut album was The Hang (2006), followed by Midnight Gamble, released in November 2020. Both albums are available at bandcamp. Insiders of the smooth jazz genre will discover some known musicians in the credits.

With the opening Fiesta Grande Dave recommends himself directly as a show act, as is not at all rare among trumpeters. A successful start. Soulful Strut was a huge hit of the group Young-Holt Unlimited in 1968. Especially in the smooth jazz genre this song was often covered. Most popular versions are by Nick Colionne, Grover Washington Jr., Kim Waters, Gail Jhonson or Rocco Ventrella. Dave’s rendition shines with a successful arrangement and, of course, his exceptional solo performance on trumpet.

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