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Jake Bass – The Jakey B. LP

The Detroit music scene has taken on so many personalities over the years that it’s hard to hone-in on what it means today. Jake Bass is one of the individuals re-defining Detroit and Music. Born into the trade and exemplifying what putting notes and sounds together truly means, Jake Bass has taken the industry by storm and is leaving a large impact on both new and old artists alike.

Jake has had much success in recent years, demonstrated by forming his own Publishing and Production Company, Boca J Music, LLC. In 2013 his talent was exemplified by the release of his own debut album, “1989.” In it listeners were able to focus on numerous scores showing the range and dynamic flexibility of Jake’s own music instrumentals. As writer, producer and engineer/mixer of the entire album, Jake dedicated himself to delighting the listener with a broad array of sounds and notes that one cannot help but think they’ve just watched The Grammy’s, or perhaps a movie filled with Jake’s soundtracks. Three years later he followed up his debut album with the release of his second instrumental album titled “My City: Detroit” in 2016. In February of 2020, Sean Forbes released his second album “Little Victories” entirely produced by Bass.

His newest album is The Jakey B. LP (2020) featuring Dave McMurray, Will Feinberg, Ludlow and more for download on