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Mitch Cairns – The After Hours Project

The After Hours Project is a melting pot of captivating rhythms, sonic textures and infectious melodies. A stunning collection of compositions filled with hints of influences of The Crusaders, Bob James and Sting. This album from Mitch Cairns is feel good music that takes you on an emotional journey from start to finish. Like a slow cooked meal, where all of the right ingredients simmer delicately until the flavours are just right. “I’ve cherished the opportunity to take a break from the rigorous isolation of being on the road. Creating and recording with musicians I have an enormous respect for has been a blessing, but most importantly a chance to cherish the time that we get to just hang out”.

The After Hours Project is a close collaboration between Mitch Cairns and renowned pianist Bill Risby. Featuring an enormous depth of talent including Bill Risby – Rhodes, Gordon Rytmeister, Johnny Salerno, Nic Cecire – Drums, Ross Irwin – Flugelhorn, Pat Bergeson (USA) – Harmonica and of course Mitch Cairns on Electric Bass.

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