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Theresa Grayson – Mystical

Theresa Grayson is a Texas original born in Tyler and raised in Houston. She was exposed to music at the early age of four and learned to play all of the woodwind instruments, the piano and guitar. At the age of 8, Theresa formed an unbreakable bond with the saxophone which led her to receiving accolades for her outstanding musicianship all through grade school. By the age of 16, Theresa was already performing with local bands and gaining valuable experience in show business and recording. She earned a sterling reputation from musicians, recording artists and choirs as an accompanist in their live performances and recordings.

Theresa’s performances have been described as eclectic and cutting edge and her achievements are many and varied that ranges from inspirational, pop and jazz performances sharing the stage with great artists. Theresa toured with nationally with legendary artist Grammy award singer Michael Bolton and International Harpist Jeff Majors. A dazzling artist, Theresa headlined on the Annual Red Cat Jazz Festival 2010-2012. Demonstrating true artistry, she received exceptional reviews for her performance in the Houston International Jazz Festival 2011 that sparked Houston Magazine to a two page spread featuring Theresa as the “Jazz Musician of the Month.”

She started her musical career with the album It’s All About You (2010), followed with her sophomore album Live 2 Love (2013). With My Favorite Things she offers her personal Christmas CD. Her album World Blue (2015) pays tribute to the 30th anniversary of “We Are the World” originally written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. Her newest album is Mystical (2020).

Buy the new album on Theresa’s website.