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Marcello Rosa – The World On A Slide

Just like that, from a matured need, but by means of a fleeting thought, “The world on a slide”, a disc entirely dedicated to the trombone that contains pieces written and arranged by Marcello Rosa in a lifetime. To perform them some of the best Italian trombonists active in the international panorama of both jazz and classical music, flanked by young talents who with the drawstring in hand try every day to know the world and tell it. A set of minds, sensitivities and sounds, ready to reinterpret and give life to the musical world of Marcello, always new and unpredictable, because “Jazz is, above all, the expression of one’s mood (of who plays and who listen) “… but also of the composer !!!

The original repertoire included in the disc, most of the songs, is a journey through the genres that have passionately and emotionally guided Marcello throughout his career to date. It starts with a tribute to the great Kid Ory and New Orleans jazz to continue with biting blues and elegant ballad times, unscrupulous funkys and crackling Caribbean rhythms. The non-original pieces, on the other hand, are simply some of the most beautiful melodies of the 20th century jazz repertoire, touchstones of every musician, rethought for the multifaceted voice of the trombone.

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