Renato Rocketh – Noite Carioca

Based in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil bassist, singer and composer Renato Rocketh can look at a solid career in his country. In 2014 he visited Italy, especially the Salento region in Puglia. Puglia, a southern region forming the heel of Italy’s “boot,” is known for its whitewashed hill towns, centuries-old farmland and hundreds of kilometers of Mediterranean coastline.

Noite Carioca, released in 2017 on AlfaMusic, is dedicated to the beauty of Italy. Bassist Renato is accompanied on selected tracks by Valerie Lu (vocals), Alberto Barreira (sax, flute), Heber Ribeiro, Kiko Continentino (piano), Roberto Alemao, Renato Massa (drums), Felipe Tauil (percussion). Renato has made all arrangements, bass and vocals. He has also composed all songs with the exception of Ela Sabe Sambar, which he has written together with Fernando Hungria.

The album opens with the usual greeting as known in Italy. Buongiorno presents Alberto Barreira’s unadulterated sloping saxophone insertion, Renato’s deep sonorous sounding upright bass and Ribeiro’s keyboard accompaniment.

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