Shawn Raiford – Man With A Horn

Shawn Raiford is one of the most appreciated musical talents currently rising in the Sacramento area music scene. Either playing alone or with the SRE Band, Shawn Raiford’s engaging ability on the alto saxophone combines his enthusiasm, showmanship, and capacity to entertain with just the right combination of popular hits and original music. He is equally comfortable commanding an audience’s attention front and center on stage as he is at enhancing any event with background music. Shawn individually tailors his set lists for each occasion. He draws from a wide range of selections from his rapidly growing repertoire of contemporary jazz, R&B, gospel, rock, and popular music selections

From the outset of his musical career in 1999, when Shawn first picked up the saxophone for his late grandmother’s 75-year church anniversary, he has learned the art of playing before discerning audiences that appreciate live music. Since then he has worked tirelessly to perfect his crystal clear sound and develop the gift of music that lay dormant within him until it was awakened as a young adult.

Shawn’s new project is Man With A Horn (2020). You can stream this album on Spotify or get a physical copy.

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