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Mike Murray – Cruisin

Smooth Jazz, Chill Composer, musician and producer Mike Murray, began his musical journey as a child. His mother and father regularly sent him to summer camp where he spent a lot of time on an old upright piano. Mike hadn’t touched a musical instrument until years later after the death of his father in 2001. As an accomplished but unknown pianist, his father exposed Mike to the Jazz classics and classical music. Mike later landed a spot with a local high school funk band as a drummer but he lacked focus. The time came to turn the page to the next chapters in life.

Over the years, Mike knew there was still something innately musical stirring inside so he returned to music making with a spur of the moment decision to purchase a keyboard after his father died. Spurred on by a friend who offered strong encouragement, Mike eventually released his first commercial CD Skyline in 2007 with one consistent goal in mind: 1) give the listener a unique and different experience 2) outdo the previous release 3) write for an “A-List” artist. Mike’s CD, Daylight (2018), is his twentieth and Vantage Point (2019) his 21th commercial release. You already guessed it. Cruisin (2020) is his 22nd release.

Cruisin is available on iTunes.