Luico Hopper – Symbiotic Souls

Luico Hopper (pronounced” Lou-e-co) grew up in Virginia to a musical family. His father played the guitar and both parents sang in the church choir. Luico’s first instrument was the clarinet that he played throughout high school. He developed interest in the guitar around the age of twelve and taught himself to play after being inspired by his father’s musicianship. He started playing the electric and acoustic bass during his freshman year in college. Hopper joined the Norfolk State College Jazz Ensemble remaining part of this group until graduating in 1974 with a B.A. in Sociology.

After college, Hopper moved to New York City to become a professional musician. In the 80’s and 90’s his career was established as a studio bassist recording on scores of radio and television commercials. During this time, Hopper also recorded and toured with a number of artists including Phyllis Hyman, Gato Barbieri, Roberta Flack, Gil Evans, Diana Ross, Earl Klugh, Jonathan Butler, Stephanie Mills, Johnny Gill, Gloria Lynne, Luther Vandross and Bryan Ferry.

In 1995, Hopper released his first solo album, Lessons of Light, featuring his multiple talents as a musician, composer and producer. His second solo album, Reflections, was released in 2001. Symbiotic Souls is the latest album release from bassist and composer Luico Hopper. Listeners will experience a wide array of musical styles ranging from contemporary jazz and R&B to funk and gospel. On this latest album, Hopper incorporates the upright bass in non-conventional form with various electric bass guitars. The album’s vibrant musical setting includes an all-star rhythm section of musicians along with a funky horn section.

Symbiotic Souls is available on all major digital platforms.

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