Kool & Klean – Volume IX

Germany based multi-instrumentalist Konstantin Klashtorni is a professional musician to whom the adjective autarkic fully applies. He writes and arranges all pieces, plays all instruments and mixes and records them in his studio. In addition, he creates the graphic designs for his CDs, manufactured and distributed them on his own label. Furthermore, he also promotes them with beautiful videos, whereby his affinity for attractive women is congenially combined with his appealing music.

If anyone has adapted to the spirit of the times, it is Konstantin Klashtorni with his universality. In view of this time-consuming work, one is amazed by the speed with which new CDs are released, which are issued under various series. Similarity can by no means be ruled out, but neither can enthusiasm. Among the musical people Konstantin is purposeful and full of business.

Graceful Moves opens the roundel of ear-flattering melodies. Guitar and flute alternate perfectly arranged in the melody playback. The aptly titled Passions Overflow has the ultimate dream factor in all its loveliness.

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