Dominic Carmadella – Soothe

‘Soothe’ is a hand selected collection of instrumental music composed, recorded, and produced by Dom Camardella. It is intended to deliver emotional enrichment and solace to all of us as we navigate and wrestle with the disruption we have experienced in our society and its impact on our day to day lives in 2020. Music has the unique ability to allow us to immerse ourselves in its message and calm emotions and restlessness as we listen. While listening to ‘Soothe’ I suggest you put on a great set of earbuds/headphones and turn up the stereo, turn down the lights and relax as you bathe in its panorama.

Stylistically, ‘Soothe’ borrows from the sounds and rhythms we hear in the world today. It is influenced by new jazz, world music, funky grooves, and pop music but intentionally steers clear of any one specific category or genre. My intention is that no listener will feel left out of the journey and will find something familiar and alluring here. Ultimately my hope is that it’s combination of sounds, rhythms and melodies will resonate with you. Much like the warmth of the sun, nature, and loved ones, music is food and healing for our souls and general well-being.

Special thanks to my contributors whose empathy and emotional performances enhanced the project: Dave Bryant (drums and percussion), Jonathan Dane (trumpet and flugelhorn), Alberto Negroni( guitar), and my son, Adam Camarderlla (drums and percussion).

Stream this collection on all major platforms.

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