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Till Brönner – On Vacation

Together with jazz legend and Grammy award winner Bob James, trumpeter Till Brönner – Germany’s most successful jazz musician – has transformed holiday moods into a multi-layered soundscape. Close your eyes and dream: “For me,› On Vacation ‹is first and foremost a feeling and we have turned this feeling into music,” explains Brönner. Virtuoso, full of creative love for refined details and at the same time of the greatest possible nonchalance, Brönner and James create an imaginative and sonorous music for inspiration, for reflection and daydreaming. Together with their fantastic fellow musicians, they combine melodic subjects over a dynamically woven rhythm primer and mysteriously shimmering textures to create colorful musical soundscapes and create a shimmering sound for and about the relaxed moments in the here and now. “These recordings definitely feel different to anything I’ve done before,” explains Brönner – and you can hear that.

With the track “September Morn” the first single of the new record is now released: an interpretation of the title track from Neil Diamond’s 1979 album of the same name. Till Brönner and Bob James interpret the song as a relaxed jazz ballad. The piece is mainly carried by the warm tone of the trumpet, while James lays the foundation for the piece with gently struck chords in the background. A wonderful soundtrack for the second half of the year, which already makes you want the album of the two jazz greats.

Pre-order the album here.