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Eric Essix – Songs From The Deep

Eric Essix’s decision to live for music was influenced by a Weather Report concert, which Eric attended in 1977. In 1988 he debuted with his solo album First Impressions followed by Second Thoughts (1991), Third Degree Burn (1993), Eric Essix & Modern Man, LIVE!, Beautiful Music, Guitar, Just Like You (1995), The Modern Man Recordings (1993-1994), Small Talk (1998), Southbound (2000), Blue (2002), Somewhere In Alabama (2004), Abide With Me (2005), Retrospective: Volume One (2006), Birmingham (2009), My Gift To You (2010), Eric Essix (2012), Evolution (2013), The Isley Sessions (2014), Eric Essix’s Move > Trio (2015), This Train (2016), More (2018), followed by the anthology Moments (2018).

His newest project is Songs From The Deep (2020). Eric explains: “The record is a return, after 11 years, to one of my favorite themes; growing up and living in “The Deep” South. It is also the first album I have personally produced and mixed in over 15 years. It brings together again the core unit of myself, drummer Marcus E Finnie and Grammy nominated keyboardist, bassist and producer, Kelvin Wooten for our third record along with Essential’s biggest releases, “Evolution” and “The Isley Sessions”. The album also features some amazing guest performances by vocalist Kaleah Wooten, bassist Sean Michael Ray, drummer PJ Spraggins, keyboardist West Byrd and trumpeter Melvin Jones.”

Due to the decrease of physical CD sales and the increase in subscriptions to streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and others, Essential Recordings is only pressing a very limited run of under 500 CDs for this release. So copies of “Songs From The Deep” will go very quickly. Your purchase of either a signed copy of the new album or one of the now VERY limited bundles on the website, will go a long way toward helping Essential Recordings continue to create and release new music through this pandemic and beyond.