Calvin Brooks – Rose My Dear

Music standing the test of time, the recording started in Detroit, has now spread across the world. Jazzy vocals, instrumentals, beautiful love songs. Music with a meaning, haunting melodies, feel good music for everyone. Especially the title song My Favorite Thing featuring Hari Paris was often played at radio stations around Chicago.

Calvin Brooks’ love of music and his undeniable talent garnered him a “gig” with Martha Reeves and the Vandellas of Motown fame. For fifteen years he toured the world and shared the stage with the premiere entertainers of the 1970’, 80’s and 90’s fine tuning his vocal skills and becoming a virtuoso on the guitar. Calvin’s influences are many, however Wes Montgomery, Grant Green and George Benson top the list.

In 2003 Jeff Popp met Calvin Brooks and after finding they had similar experiences and a unwavering love of music they became an impressive duo. Showcasing their vocal and instrumental skills they cover the sounds of Motown as well as the jazz standards to great reviews.

These recordings are standing the test of time:

    • A Smooth Flight, 1989

    • My Favorite Things, 1991
    • C Breeze, 1994

    • Rose My Dear, 1997

    • An Evening In Las Vegas, 2000

    • What a Wonderful World, 2007

Calvin Brooks died September 19, 2020. Rest in peace.

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