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Jermaine Lockhart – The Sunshine Album

Tenor Saxophonist Jermaine Lockhart resides in Phoenix, Arizona. Jermaine was born in Cleveland, Ohio where he grew up in the Pentecostal Church playing his saxophone music. Since then, he’s added jazz, straight-ahead grooves, and rhythm and blues genres to his repertoire. Jermaine is motivated by musicians like George Benson, John Coltrane, Dexter Gordon, Woody Shaw, and Thelonius Monk because he says, “they pushed for a unique sound that touched the mind and soul of listeners. And that’s what I also hope to do… to perform music my listeners will continue to return to whenever they want to feel good. The one thing I’ve learned from Mr. Benson is to make music that sounds good and feels good.”

His versatility has won him respect from jazz lovers in many areas. He has shared the stage with Angie Bofill, Pieces of a Dream, Brian Auger, as well as the Jazz Crusaders and Bob James just to mention a few. JL now resides in Phoenix, Arizona  with his family and continues to develop the purest sound his saxophone can make. His new project is The Sunshine Album featuring Ray Parker jr., Ellis Hall, and Rob Mullins. Only a few months ago, Lockhart’s Single EP, “Back To the Sunshine” showed its muscle by cracking the UK Top 10 Chart, and it is also included on The Sunshine Album. Also, the album has well-chosen, thematic “sunshine” cover songs: “Roll With It”, “Sunshine Superman” and “Ain’t No Sunshine”; and it has original compositions: “Emotion Explosion”, “Have It Anyway You Want It” and “Elizabeth”. The Sunshine Album proves to be a bright and glowing collection of songs, with interludes sprinkled in-between.

This album is available right now on September 18, 2020. You can get it at