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Randy Scott – Elevation

Detroit based saxophonist and composer Randy Scott is an old hand, when it comes to create hits and stay at the forefront of music business. His extensive solo career includes the albums Randy Scott (1994), Future (1999), Words Unspoken (2002), Breathe (2007), 90 Degrees at Midnight (2011), and Serenity (2015).

His newest project Elevation (2020) is his seventh album and his third on the label Trippin’ N Rhythm. As is his custom, he once again invited a large number of musicians to design his album. The comprehensive list is shown below in the credits.

The album starts with Joyride which is a well thought out piece with a swing that evokes associations of Kool and the Gang’s Ladies Night. With Ignite Randy presents a brilliant idea. In this fast paced piece he lets some flamenco flow in like a skillful pinch of pepper.

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