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Ryan La Valette – Acoustic Christmas

Ryan La Valette is a 23 year old musician from Auckland who at the age of 2 had a guitar in his hands. Ryan is a multi talented musician with a passion for playing the guitar and saxophone however, he also has the ability to play the bass guitar and piano/keys. Alongside this, Ryan has a distinct passion for straight ahead jazz/bebop, yet his capability to play a wide range of genres is unending. Ryan is a graduate from the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) with a Bachelor of Recording Arts Degree (BRA) and is primarily a session musician, yet he also has expertise in producing, arranging, composing, beat making and performing.

His newest album is Dimensions of Me (2020). Now he will release the latest project he will be chipping away in December this year. A new EP featuring some of his favorite Christmas songs, delivered to you on his nylon and steel string guitars, productions by Ryan and good friend Chris Davis. The album is titled Acoustic Christmas.