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Blake Aaron – Color And Passion

He played with Carlos Santana, The Gap Band or Bobby Womack, but meanwhile he has made a name for himself and achieved a certain degree of fame. For collectors Blake Aaron‘s previous releases are listed as follows: With Every Touch (2001), Bringin’ It Back (2003), Desire (2007), Soul Stories (2015) and this year Color And Passion. Remarkable in this day and age, all albums have been released on Innervision Records.

Already in April 2017 he announced the forthcoming album in connection with the release of his single Vivid. Who would have thought that it would take until September 18, 2020 to release it. The long production time also explains that half of the album consists of singles released in the last 5 years, which successfully hit the billboard charts.

Thus the album also reflects the entire musical environment of this guitarist, who has already built up a large network of musicians. Besides Aaron, who plays guitar and keyboards, one can find in the credits a plethora of musicians listed below. The album contains one cover, all other compositions are by Blake Aaron or are collaborations with Darren Rahn and Adam Hawley.

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