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Tony Garviz – Groovin, Jazzin, Funkin

Tony Garviz is a multi-genre songwriter and musician, slipping through the genres for a new sound to his music. ‘Groovin, Jazzin, Funkin‘ is the fusion of different rhythms, smooth jazz, funk, R&B, bossa nova, and jazz. In this album, Tony Garviz is honoring some of those artists that have inspired him as a songwriter and musician through his long career. Tony pays tribute to one of his favorite artist and smooth jazz guitar heroes, Nils Jiptner in the track Mr. Nils. Not forgetting his Mexican roots Tony covers the song of Malagueña, which is a traditional Mexican song. This song is inspired and arranged in a bossa nova style.
Lastly Tony honors pop star Bruno Mars with his instrumental rendition of Versace On The Floor.

Tony has produced an album for a country band in Mexico called Country Rio a couple of years ago. They are enjoying continued success as a band. Tony released a electronic dance songs via Chic Records, a dance music label out of Spain. When Tony is not in the studio creating music for his upcoming projects, he is in collaboration with many artists from different genres adding his creative style to their music projects.

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