Larry Tomko – Sax Only

Larry Tomko is a songwriter, singer and saxophonist from San Francisco. Larry worked in the bands Wind Crazy, Shajazz, Firefly, and Armed Gang. He opened one of the first private recording studios in Italy and worked with the Italian group I Pooh. Later he performed with groups from the Bay area like White Teeth, Nobody Famous and Jorge Santana.

In France he worked with the band West Coast, which recorded 45 West Coast, I Was a Fool. Together with the British singer/songwriter Peter Marsh he released the album Funk My Dog (2011) and Tomko/Marsh (2012). He also worked with the duo Two Much and in Parisian studios along side Frank Curier (Compagnie Creole) and Michel Alibo (SIXUN). He fronted the band “MOKO” (rhythm & blues) from Rouen and “Weed Spirit” from Poitiers.

Now Larry is back with a new solo project entitled Sax Only (2020). The album was recorded during the French lockdown.

The album is available on his website.

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