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Nikos Koulouris – One Moment In Time

Athens is undoubtedly the center of his life. It is where he grew up, found his professional career and was eventually appointed Saxophone Professor by the Ministry of Culture. Saxophonist Nikos Koulouris has, despite his numerous activities, found the time and muse to pursue his solo career and to release the albums Dare To Dream (2011), Bregovic (2016), Whisper Not (2017), As erxosoun gia ligo (2018) and this year One Moment In Time.

Although he has an affection for the smooth jazz genre, his creative freedom urges him to go beyond stylistic boundaries and develop his own musical style. This attitude also benefits his new album, which is good for some surprises.

Koulouris plays alto sax on most tracks, but occasionally also takes up soprano, baritone and tenor sax. He is accompanied on selected tunes by Leonidas Ioannidis (trumpet), Kyriakos Kaiktsis (trombone), and Deppy Marina Cheila, Tika Miqava, Irene Delaporta (vocals).

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