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Bob Baldwin – Back To Basics (Family First)

Contemporary jazz pianist Bob Baldwin started his career in 1983 and his debut album was A Long Way To Go (1988). His new album Back To Basics (Family First) is meanwhile his thirty second album in this year of lost and shock. Bob comments: “Through the toughness of it all, we are trying to make some sense of it. I was blessed to stay home and create.”

Pianist/Composer/Arranger Bob Baldwin’s 32nd offering was not planned so soon. His upcoming disc is a jazz-funk offering, and his latest journey with rhythms, vocals and syncopated vibrations continues to intrigue and inspire. The end result is the empathetic new single. ‘Back To Basics (Family First)’.

‘The upcoming disc is a direct result of basically staying home, staying off the road, quarantining, not knowing what’s really happening out there’, says the New York native. “As a result, at home, I got back into a heavy groove of producing, arranging, wanting and performing on several tracks, including Will Downing, Marion Meadows, CeCe Peniston, Ragan Whiteside and Lori Williams. I also, however, squeezed out 11 tracks for myself. I didn’t want the time at home to be wasteful, and in many cases. I found myself needing less, being less dependent from the outside world and keeping things uber-simple Eating better, enjoying family and friends, re-connecting with some great people was the order of the day, hence, my latest creation, ‘ Back To Basics (Family First)’ is a reflection of these moments. Continue reading