Various Artists – The Italian Smooth Jazz All-Starz

The Italian Smooth Jazz All-Starz is, as the title suggests it might be, a seventeen-track compilation of some of the best Italian contemporary jazz around. It is a really top notch collection which Includes fabulous tracks such as Renato Falaschl’s ‘Following My Soul’ and ’Top Down’ by Gianni Vancini that are both right up there with the best that Alfa’s release has to offer. Make no mistake. The Italian Smooth Jazz All-Starz’ ts one of those albums that is bursting with standout tracks and very much in this category is Time Square from Urban T that checks every smooth jazz box imaginable

Elsewhere, the mid tempo groove of ‘Unlimited’ from the Smooth Operator Project proves to be a total joy while the hard driving ‘Swagger’ showcases the unmistakable sound of sax-man Rocco Ventrella. Other featured artists include Amedeo Bianchi, Gio Lombardi, Marcello Sutera, Lorenzo Defmti. Maurizlo Grondona Group. Da Nu Jazz 4et. Danrio Riccardi. Piero del Preto. Carlo Mcheli. and Angelo Trane while some of the genre’s best session men. Enc Marienthal, Gary Novak, Ricky Lawson, Greg Manning, Alex Al, Andre Berry, Darryl Williams, Gordon Campbell, are variously around to lend a hand. All things considered this is Smooth Jazz ‘Made in Italy’ at is very best.


01. Rocco Ventrella – Swagger

02 Renato Falaschi – Following My Soul

03. Papik – S Francisco Mood

04. Gianni Vancini – Top Down

05. Amedeo Bianchi – Spring Water

06. Lorenzo Dofimti – Heading North

07 Maurizio Grondona Group – I Believe in Your Life

08. Da Nu Jazz 4et – Love Soldier

09. Gio Lombaridi – Good Morning Bella

10. Marucello Sutora – Nightwalk

11. Darulo Riccardi – Smootzy

12 Piero Del Prete – Week End in Naples

13. Urban-T – Times Square

14. Smooth Operator Project – Unlimited

15. 4/4-et – Easy to Do

16 Cario Micheri – Chiaia di Luna

17. Angelo Trane – L’attesa

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