Nighthawks – Only – Vocal Tunes 2004 – 2016

Smooth jazz with a difference. Nighthawks plays the European way. This German formation consists of Reiner Winterschladen (trumpet, flugelhorn), and Dal Martino (bass, guitar, keys, vocals), further musicians are Thomas Alkier (drums), Jürgen Dahmen (Rhodes, keys, percussion), and Jörg Lehnardt (guitar).

Winterschladen and Martino debuted with the album Citizen Wayne in 1998, followed by Metro Bar (2001), As The Sun Sets (2004) featuring vocalist Pat Appleton of DePhazz, (2007), Today (2010), Rio Bravo (2014) and 707 (2016). Only – Vocal Tunes 2004 – 2016 is a new compilation. Featured singers & players: Pat Appleton, Shannon Callahan, Erica Canales, Patricia Cruz, Little Hill, Emilia Istvan, Anna Maria Jopek, Helen Kaiser, Dal Martino, Dominik Miller, Nin, Rachel and many of members of the group.

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