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Lowell Hopper – Overtime

Panama City, Florida based guitarist Lowell Hopper is a bassist, keyboardist, composer, producer and has a lot of music to offer. His solo albums encompass Bay View (1993), Invisible Touch (1995), Live in Panama (1997), Live on the Beach (1999), Sweet Licks (2009), In The Moment (2011), A New Direction (2013), A Touch Of Sunshine (2014), Soulful Feeling (2014), Groove Maker (2015), Early Days Vol. 1 (2016), Between The Lines (2016), Playing It Cool (2016), Forward Motion (2017), and Delayed Reaction (2018).

His newest project is the EP Overtime (2020). It is a nice collection of feel-good funky grooves and soulful instrumental tracks. Over the course of 17 albums stretching back to the mid-1990’s, the multi-talented composer and producer has carved out a powerful indie niche via his colorful blend of crisp electric guitar, jubilant bass, haunting melodies, and fresh beats. The single release off this smooth project is “Turnaround” featuring smooth jazz saxophonist Chris Godber, bringing a sweet vibe between these great artists.

Overtime is available at