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J. Cirt Gill – Smooth for You

J. Cirt Gill has been involved with music since starting piano at the age of 6. His father, John Cirt Gill, Jr was a pioneer in radio as the 1st Black Disc Jockey at WGBG radio station in Greensboro, North Carolina from 1949-1960. The elder Gill was known on the air as “Jam-A-Ditty” and is still remembered today. In 1985, Cirt Gill was cast as a “Juke Joint Musician” in the movie, The Color Purple. He auditioned as a trumpet player and was selected by Quincy Jones for the part. Gill had the opportunity to be directed by Steven Spielberg and got a chance to work with Whoppi Goldberg, Laurence Fishburne, Margaret Avery, Margaret Freeman, and Oprah Winfrey. His first song, “You Can Never Go Back” was recorded in 1976 and he has continued producing music to the present.

His new album Smooth for You is now available here.