Jay R. Stephens – Give It Up

“When you choose to give up something that isn’t good for you, you’re not losing anything, you’re regaining part of yourself that was once lost.” – Jay R. Stephens

Jay wrote “Give It Up” during a time when he was trying to find strength and courage to let go of a situation he knew wasn’t good for him. “This song doesn’t necessarily have to pertain only to relationships. It can be relevant to anything in someone’s life that causes more harm than good,” he said.

“It’s all about reaching from within and realizing you have the power and worth to let those things go. I want “Give It Up” to be an empowerment anthem for anyone struggling with something. I believe its an uplifting song that can encourage anyone to be strong, then hopefully put a smile on their face by the time they finish listening,” Stephens states.

Jay R. Stephens is a lawyer by trade, but a singer and songwriter at heart from Gainesville, Georgia USA.

He first started writing songs at 13, however, he put that to the side for a bit to get his education. Now that he has reached his educational goals, he is seriously working to pursue his passion, to build a career in music. Writing songs is one of the things that really comes naturally to him, and the easiest way for him to express himself. Having this ability has got him through many hard times.

Stephens believes that his story is unique because it shows that you can get your education, but still pursue your dreams. “It’s important to do things that you love.” Stephens said. “I believe it’s time that I do what I’ve always loved and wanted to do, and to share my talents with the world.”

Jay R. Stephens continues to record music and hopes to find management and a label to help promote his upcoming EP tentatively titled, “In My Mind” to be released later this year. He has so far completed two additional songs, “Nobody Knows,” and “Closer To You,” and is working to out the finishing touches of a third song titled, “Never Let You Go.” Each of these songs blend various genres together, much like his first single, “Give It Up.

“I love so many different genres of music. On my iPod, on shuffle you can go from a song by Rihanna, to U2, to Carrie Underwood, Beyonce, then to Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey or Jay Z. back to Ed Sheeran.” Stephens states. “I love all of those artists and the genres they represent for various reasons. I know that for me, my mood has a lot to do with the type of music I want to hear at that moment. I can be in the mood for something more upbeat if I’m going to the gym or hanging out with friends, or something more calming or retrospective if I’m alone or in my car. I’m generally a very calm and observant person. I analyze and think about things in my life deeply, and most times, I want to hear types of songs from some of the artists that I stated above that can reflect my feelings.”

Stephens aspires to become a stronger songwriter so that his songs can connect with people the way that his favorite artists’ music has connected with him. ” I would listen to music from those artists when I felt like no one else around me understood how I was feeling. I was very quiet, and held a lot of stuff in. Therefore, I needed some sort of comfort in knowing that I was not alone. I found that in those artists’ music. So now I want to return the favor to those who will listen to my music to be that source of hope the way those artists were and still are for me as songwriters. That’s why I strive and work to write more poignant lyrics and paint a picture in my songs to connect with my audience.” Stephens says.

“Give It Up” and the other songs Jay has been working on are produced by Grammy Award winner, Billy Hume. Jay cold called Billy after intiating a Google search of producers in his area after he decided he wanted to pursue music. “I literally just called him up and left a message. I had all the songs written and the melody in my phone which I recorded in my bathroom because of the cool sound. I clearly needed a producer because I don’t play instruments. So I met with him one day, let him listen to some of my songs and he liked what he heard. I was honored to work with him because this is a guy who has been in he music industry for nearly forty years. The fact that he was willing to work with me, someone with very little experience was a blessing.” Stephens says. ” We’ve been working together for over a year now, and I can tell that our chemistry and understanding of each other has gotten much stronger. Now when we start a new song, he already knows the sound I want to go for and the detailed nuances I like to include in my vocals. It’s a great thing and I hope we can have a great working relationship for a very long time.”

Right now, Jay is doing the promotion for “Give It Up” himself, but hopes to have a team one day. ” I really hope that I can connect with someone who can manage me and understand me as an artist and my vision. I’m very detailed and I critically analyze everything I do, so I need someone that will be all in. And then, of course, having a label family would make things much easier as far as marketing and promotion goes. Having that force behind you of industry experts can elevate your music to levels that I likely couldn’t reach doing it alone.”

Jay invites anyone who is interested in working with him to contact him via social media or email. All of Jay’s music is available on major streaming platforms and iTunes.

Get Give It Up on Amazon.com.

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