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Jay R. Stephens – Give It Up

“When you choose to give up something that isn’t good for you, you’re not losing anything, you’re regaining part of yourself that was once lost.” – Jay R. Stephens

Jay wrote “Give It Up” during a time when he was trying to find strength and courage to let go of a situation he knew wasn’t good for him. “This song doesn’t necessarily have to pertain only to relationships. It can be relevant to anything in someone’s life that causes more harm than good,” he said.

“It’s all about reaching from within and realizing you have the power and worth to let those things go. I want “Give It Up” to be an empowerment anthem for anyone struggling with something. I believe its an uplifting song that can encourage anyone to be strong, then hopefully put a smile on their face by the time they finish listening,” Stephens states. Continue reading