Jeffery Smith – Smooth Grooves Vol. 2

Jeffery Smith, originally born in Shreveport, LA and currently residing in Dallas, TX – began playing music at the tender age of seven. Raised among other talented musicians, Jeffery was exposed to, and ultimately mastered eight different instruments including lead, bass, and acoustic guitars, keyboards, drums, percussion instruments, baritone, and trumpet. By age nine, Jeffery’s strong desire to play music motivated him to start his own band.  While pursuing a degree in Accounting while at Louisiana’s prestigious Southern University, Jeffery could not deny his first love–Music. He soon joined a local band and began touring as an opening act for 80’s R&B recording artists such as Lakeside, The Bar-Kays, Midnight Starr, Roger Troutman & Zapp, Cameo, and a host of other well-known talents. In 1993 Jeffery recorded his very first solo project entitled “Eyes on You”.

Jeffery is not only a talented multi-instrumentalist, he writes, arranges, records, engineers, produces, and performs all of his own music. These skills proved pivotal in aiding him to open his own music studio where in 1999 he successfully completed his sophomore release entitled, “After The Rain”, a mixture of Jazz, R&B, Pop, Funk, and Soul. In 2001 Jeffery completed his follow-up project, “Pleasure Of Love” after many devoted fans encouraged him to include more of his sultry instrumentals in his work. November of 2002 brought the release of “Lost Rhythm”—a smooth blend of Jazz, R&B, and Soul. The release of “Watercolors” in 2003 was a selection of instrumental music designed for the consummate Jazz enthusiast and in 2004, the CD “Love Stories” was released—a passionate merge of instrumentals and vocals dedicated to and enjoyed by lovers everywhere. In 2005 the dynamic “Coming Back To Life” CD which followed the similar melodic path of “Watercolors”. “Back To You” is Jeffery’s first Gospel/Jazz inspired release. He describes this project as an inspirational collection of songs designed to encourage others through his personal musical testimony. “Rhythm Of Life” is an energetic follow-up to “Watercolors”. This CD is smooth and pleasurable—filled with lots of guitar techniques that display Jeffery’s’ signature guitar style. Released in 2012, a powerfully funky—yet so seductive “Rhythm of Life-Part 2” CD—a collection of innovative compositions with the familiar raw sexuality that is the familiar Jeffery Smith style. Released in 2013 “Smooth Grooves” Vol. 1 is the essence of smooth melodic grooves that leaves you wanting more.

Now he continues his story with the follow-up Smooth Grooves Vol.2, which is available on his website.

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