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Marcus Anderson’s peak musical collaboration was certainly his time with the legend Prince. Even today, Marcus presents on many of his performances preciosities from his repertoire. In the meantime he has already released twelve studio albums, which have settled in the area of gospel and smooth jazz.

His new album Hero will be released on May 29, 2020. Marcus Anderson’s thirteenth album Hero features thirteen original compositions, which is the quintessential soundtrack of our lives with a common thread of inspiration, perseverance, passion, and resilience. A smooth jazz artist, Anderson’s music as well as his message are even more powerful and poignant in the current political, environmental and social climate of this nation and world.  Hero takes the listener on a musical journey through themes of light and darkness and the quest for meaning in an often-chaotic world. Melding a wide range of musical styles with a natural grace, Hero evokes, but never imitates, the many legendary artists that have influenced Anderson s compositions.

Just a Taste featuring Tim Bowman offers a soft and slowly deepening funky vibe with darting sax lines while Tim s melodic smooth approach brings the song on home. The precocious sax virtuoso has evolved an integrated vision with a different kind of power, with the title track Hero highlighting his musicianship. Jazmin Ghent and Marcus Anderson’s tones and ideas matched beautify in Your Touch, a dedication to Will and Maggie Shares. On the Right Track featuring Bob Baldwin is a fitting title that describes how the piano and sax come together with technical brilliance. A Brighter Smile featuring Julian Vaughn incorporates the unfiltered candor of Vaughn s bass blended seamlessly with Anderson’s sax. Pure Love is swooning romantic vocals mixed with passionate jazz exchanges.

With his warm tone and delicate vibrato, it s a joy. Let’s Groove brilliantly renews the classic synthesizer melodies, electronic basslines, and digital drums to deliver nu-funk throughout the track. Solomon Headen joins Marcus Anderson on Your Cha Cha to deliver Latin rhythms and infectious lyrics with a jazzy twist. 2.0 is a groove that perfectly demonstrates the chemistry between Adam Hawley’s guitar groove and Marcus Anderson. Du Witt sets the mood with seductive with lyrics and instrumentals.

Krystle Clear has a coolness, a vibe. Intricately crafted and action-packed describes M-Possible. Anderson confirms again how willing he is to go the extra mile in creatively unpicking the methods of his previous albums in the final track Unity.   As a multi-instrumentalist, Anderson brings a level of honesty and authenticity to his all-original music that is increasingly rare in today s world. Hero embarks with masterful songwriting and features a highly accomplished group of musicians. The album is all original, captivating, and compelling from beginning to end.

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