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Walter Runge – Bakers Dozen

“Bakers Dozen” was a solo project from the start. Walter Runge played all the parts, programmed the drums, percussion, and some of the bass parts using Band In A Box (much love and many thanks to the folks at PG Music for their great product), and employed the use of Roland, Korg, and Yamaha keyboards for great sounds, sequences and rhythm tracks. He even worked out the electric bass on Bring It Home, the keyboard bass just didn’t say it quiet right! As the light at the end of the tunnel drew closer, we realized it was time to call in some amazing players to spice up the tracks.

First of all, Dave Renz has always recorded the saxophone parts. This album features him on tenor, alto and soprano saxes! Dave plays on Why Dontcha Duit, Brooklyn Bound M, Bring It Home, the Wayne Shorter composition~Palladium, and 10th & Pine. Joe Anderson, an outstanding young trumpet player came in and played on 10th & Pine. Joe will be featured on several tunes on his upcoming release, “About Time For Love”. Ross Bellenoit opens the album playing guitar on Back It Up. Then the mighty rhythm section of, Doug Grisby on bass and Rod Hicks on drums, shows up on Why Dontcha Duit and No Doubt. Of course, Walter refuse to do any of this without the engineering and arranging skills of Glenn Barratt at Morning Star Studios. Glenn creates a whole world for each tune to abide in, then drops them badd boyz right indaer!

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