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Skinny Hightower – Blue Moon

Rarely does a musician release a double album packed with such a large number of songs. In the case of the keyboardist Skinny Hightower, there is a special reason he openly and honestly describes on his website.

After the release of his album Retrospect he fell into a crisis of meaning about his musical life so far and a deep depression held him captive. Because of this creative crisis he had no motivation for further work. He spent much time with his wife’s record collection, which included albums by War, Isaac Hayes, Earth, Wind & Fire, Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Mathis, Maze, The Temptations, Millie Jackson, Marvin Gaye, and many others.

However, he did not leave it at listening but analyzed them and was inspired by them. In the end he regained his courage to face life and began to compose. So he recorded a song every day, even if it took all day. In the end, he had finished recording over a hundred songs. With the help of a team he selected the songs that moved him the most until finally 24 remained. They form the basis for his new album Blue Moon (2020).

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