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Jarez – J Funk City

Saxophonist Jarez (born Jarel Posey) is inspired by John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Charlie Parker. In 2001 Jarez started touring around the world with Grammy Award winning rapper Coolio. While he still has a strong connection to this rapper, Jarez is now working on his own solo career.

His solo albums are To The Top (2007), Saxoholic (2009), and in 2013 On Top Of The World. His newest one is J Funk City (2020). J Funk City is already a classic album for saxophonist Jarez with none stop hits. Also featuring artist Ragan White, Julian Vaughn, Vandell Andrew, Willie Bradley, and Gerald Albright playing bass on the track “Shine”. Smooth -Funk – Nu and for of life.

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