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Kenny Pore – A Place Across Town

Kenny Pore has the quiet power to bring us to the Place Across Town. It’s Kenny’s place. He controls the ambiance without being controlling. He creates the sounds without sounding intrusive. The sound is what draws you in. The alluring sound is what fires your imagination. You hear the place before you see it. You feel it before you arrive. The place across town is a studio, but one unlike any you’ve ever visited. It has no walls, no floors, no ceiling. Kenny’s place is suspended in space.

It exists in his heart and mind, and yet, through mystical force, Kenny’s place finds a home in our hearts and minds as well. Pore plays the studio like little David plays the harp. The studio is Kenny’s instrument. He’s a writer-producer-groovemaster looking to break out of what he calls “conventional brick-and-mortar restrictions.” Example: “Born in This House.” Like the Place, the House is a rich symbol, a locale where Kenny’s music is domiciled. The place, the house, the studio are all precious wombs where creation is conceived, sacred sounding-boards of ideas born of the spirit. The spirit escapes the board and works its way through the world. Kenny’s world is populated by brilliant housemates, brilliant collaborators. Russell Ferrante, Vinnie Colaiuta, Pat Coil, Ruslan Sirota, Mark Douthit, Michael Thompson, Alan Pasqua, John Patitucci, Jimmy Johnson, David Schober, Rich Breen.

Kenny writes visually. From Marvin Gaye to Pat Metheny, his roots are deep in the soil of American soul. Kenny is a wordless poet of the soul. His melodies, harmonies and rhythms are his way of making sense of a non-sensical world. His soothing grooves help us get on with our own grind.

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