JB Saxx – Volume 1

Jason Brown, aka JB Saxx, sings, plays the sax, guitar, keyboard. JB relishes performing in every way. The saxophone is obviously his first love and he squeezes every last drop of emotion from every song as he plays. JB has many influences such as Gospel, R&B, Jazz, and Blues. His music has a message and story that starts with his father passing away at 13 years old. Feeling the sadness of losing his father, he put his energy towards music. His mother bought him a saxophone and the rest is history. JB began performing at church events and his audience was so overwhelmed with his music that they told his mother to put JB in the studio. At 16 JB recorded his first project called “Jason’s Beginning”.

Volume 1 is a collection “bringing you the latest and the Greatest in Smooth Jazz and R&B”.

Available for download on CDBaby.

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