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Jeff Japal – Simplify

Jeff Japal is from Grenada, now living in George’s Town (Cayman Islands). He comments: “Better late than never is what comes to mind as my good friend Eddie Bullen, with his expertise and encouragement, has made this project possible. It’s 10 of the songs that have been swirling around in my head for decades, and a dream come true to get them out. Big shout out and thank you to all of my musician friends and associates. They have certainly helped and taught me over the years. People like Kingsley Ettiene, Dave Martins and my Tradewinds compatriots, Norris Vines, Lester Boyke, Gary Ebanks, Trevor Graham, and Gaston Maloney to name a few. Add to that the amazing support I’ve always had from the family in general, my two sisters and four kids in particular, and Dot, my lovely wife, and best friend. She’s truly “Easy to love”.

His album Simplify is now available on CDBaby.