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Bob Baldwin‘s latest release is called “Henna” and it’s an organic expression of his music, but it’s also an expression of creative control, a path he credits his longevity to. The Radio Host of the award-winning International weekly NewUrbanJazz Radio program shares his thoughts.

“I’ve seen a lot of artists come and go,” says the Mt. Vernon, New York Native. “People seem to flame out quick in this industry, but the real victory is finishing the race.”

Another lesson the 11-time SESAC Composer Award-winner wishes to teach is that of ownership. “In the Ray Charles movie, ‘Ray’, there’s a five-minute scene of him sitting across from the label president demanding creative control AND ownership of the records. Not only did the Label agree, he also received an advance for the production. Brilliant move, but unfortunately, for every Ray Charles success story, you have thousands of other artist horror stories (like Toni Braxton, TLC) who made business secondary, soon after watching career and life spiral into the ozone. It’s a horror story I’d like to see less of. Some of them should call me direct because I could really give some very good sound advice,” laughs Baldwin.

Musically speaking, Bob Baldwin’s 31st offering is a natural feeling. Tracks feature his NY-based band of 30 years with Dave Anderson (b), Tony Lewis, (d), and Café Da Silva (p). Also included is the newly remixed “Club Life”, which features an unprecedented 10-plus solos on one track, with Tom Browne (t), Marion Meadows (s), Lori Williams (v), Ragan Whiteside (fl), Oli Silk (k), U-Nam (g), Nils (g), Brooke Alford (v), Walter Beasley (s), Rohn Lawrence (g), Barry Danielian (t), Marcus Anderson (s). Baldwin makes the entourage flow seamless, making it a smooth jazz classic for the century.

The only vocal track on the disc features Washington, D.C. vocalist, the aforementioned Williams, appearing on “No Longer Lost,” a Stevie-type throwback track with a simple pop edge seen through the jazz lens of Baldwin that has a retro – Quincy Jones (one of his childhood favorites) vibe.



01 – I Heard You Twice (The First Time)
02 – In the Print
01 – Sorry (Not Sorry)
02 – Henna
03 – Food for Thought
04 – A Brazilian Love Affair
05 – No Longer Lost (featuring Lori Williams)
06 – Long Weekend (See You on Tuesday) (f/ Ragan Whiteside)
07 – Keep Movin’
08 – Club Life (f/ Various Artists)
09 – Fly Breeze (f/ J Fly & Ragan Whiteside)
10 – In the Moment (Extended Version)
11- Club Life (Radio Version)
12 – Long Weekend (See You on Tuesday) (Radio)

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