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Under The Lake – Your Horizon Too

While doing a live radio interview in support of Under The Lake’s 2018 release, “Jazz, Groove & Attitude,” keyboardist, songwriter and producer Jayson Tipp was discussing his 28-year-old band’s ever-evolving lineup when the group’s former saxophonist-flutist Quintin Gerard W. called in. Reminiscing on-air got Tipp thinking. He had already composed the bulk of the material for the next Under The Lake album. After asking Gerard if he wanted to collaborate, Tipp reached out to two other former core band members: bassist Nathan Brown and drummer Richard Sellers. Despite hectic touring schedules, the four were able to get in sync to record “Your Horizon Too,” which drops April 3 on the Mind In Overdrive label.

The quartet met in a San Diego recording studio for a couple days of tracking, adding a new guy, the skilled hand of guitarist Patrick Yandall, to the mix. Prior to gathering, Gerard was working on his latest solo record, the recently released “Cleared For Take-off,” and asked Tipp to play on a song called “Horizon.” The experience sparked Tipp’s creative flow for Under The Lake’s disc.

“The title track came from me re-writing a song of Quintin’s that he asked me to play on for his new album. I have a different approach to the chords and rhythmic ideas from his tune and wrote a new melody. But doing that brought back to me that we had a shared musical journey. During the San Diego sessions with Richard and Nathan, we just fell back into the old ‘rhythm’ of playing together. We have so much comfort and respect for each other. ‘Your Horizon Too’ expresses the sentiment that we’re on this journey together, even if we’re sometimes traveling separately. The horizon is what your eyes are fixed on as you look forward toward your destination,” said Tipp, who leads Under The Lake on stage at concert dates throughout Oregon over the coming months. Continue reading