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Konstantin Klashtorni – 7 x 7

Konstantin Klashtorni has done more than most in extending the global reach of smooth jazz. Originally from the Ukraine and now domiciled in Germany this fine multi instrumentalist has been building an extensive discography for the last sixteen years and is all set to add to it with the February 14 release of the superb “7 x 7”. The date is significant in that it coincides with Klashtorni’s 49th birthday, a milestone that he has used to bestow the album with its title. “7 x 7” is a sumptuous eleven track collection of gentle rhythms and compelling melodies that draws on all Klashtorni’s experiences as solo artist, master of chill and king of cool.

In fact, if you want to know what “7 x 7”, or for that matter Konstantin Klashtorni, is all about then look no further than the vibe drenched title cut that glides along like light on water. Klashtorni is well known for delivering his jazz with a major slice of cool and they don’t come much cooler that the superb “Moments Like These”. Elsewhere, and with expansive production throughout, the chilled out “Timeless” really gets the job done while the warmly inviting groove of “Sensitivities” might just be the ultimate antidote to a stressful day.

Sounding more like a request than a song title “Hypnotize Me” hints at the sublimely addictive quality of Klashtorni’s music and although the easy grooving “Charmed” provides a timely reminder of his artistry on sax it is with “Just For 2” that Klashtorni takes an enticing walk on the romantically melodic side. “Nothing Stands Between Us” proves to be a slice of textbook mid tempo smooth jazz of the kind that never gets old while the first single to be selected for radio is the sunshine filled “By The Bay”. It will go for adds on February 10th and talking of sunshine the dazzling “Reflections Over Water” where Konstantin comes up big on flute might well get in your head and not go away. “Late Night With U” brings “7 x 7” to a close and its ‘feel good’ aura that is all pervading could well be a fitting metaphor for the entire CD. Continue reading