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Eddie Garrido – Funky Grooves

This album visits mainly two genres; Smooth Jazz and Latin Jazz. Definitely great music to listen or to use as background music for any occasion. To learn more about the artist please visit The songs Kiah Plays, Amber’s Dance & Kali’s Song (Tabis) are songs written circa 1990, 1993 & 1995 respectively; they were destined to part of an album entitled The Joys Of Fatherhood which was never released. Also the song Ask Your Mother was supposed to be in that album. now they were re-recorded for this one. The song Scarlet was written circa 1980. Coming Home and Prophet Dreams are an ambitious attempt to record something using only sounds from an iPad. Actually the entire album was recorded on an iPad using an app called Cubasis.

Oye Como What? was to be only a sound check but later on I liked it and I wanted something with a Latin feel that had a melody in it. During this sound test with the iPad I saw how easy and error free was recording on an iPad (Obviously you need the right recording equipment to get good results.) Funky Grooves & All That Jazz is a snappy funky fun tune to play the whole time I was thinking on my friend Shawn Brown, an amazing keyboard player that has always inspired me. So guess this song is dedicated to Mr. Shawn Brown. The song Whispers is a sexy groove featuring the amazing James Suggs on the trumpet.

The songs are downloadable at CDBaby.