Spyro Gyra – Vinyl Tap

When Spyro Gyra achieved gold status with their second album Morning Dance in 1979, many were of the opinion that the band would continue their success in this style. Forty years later we are wiser. Spyro Gyra has written contemporary jazz on their banner.

Their most recent album is Vinyl Tap, which was released this year. Currently the band consists of saxophonist Jay Beckenstein, keyboardist Tom Schuman, bassist Scott Ambush, guitarist Julio Fernández and drummer Lionel Cordew. In addition, the group is supported on the new album by Gary Schreiner (harmonica), Michito Sanchez (percussion), and Skip Martin (trumpet).

The concept of this album is based on an idea suggested by Spyro Gyra manager Phil Brennan to Jay Beckenstein. An album with covers, however of new freshness through a different approach and an unique arrangement.

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