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Steven Phillips – Sax Inspiration

As a little boy Steven Phillips was fascinated by modern pop and rock music. In his schooldays he learned electronic organ and the basics of music in the broadest sense. Early he recognized the advantages of modern music composition, and dealt with computers, synthesizers and drum machines. Steven Phillips is know as a songwriter, composer, arrager, keyboardist and producer of different styles of contemporary music.

He has worked for several artists, producers and record companies in Europe including Donals W. Richards (Céline Dion), Zippo (Swiss Charts), Richard Fontan (Urs Wiesendanger, Michael Landau, Nubya, Fabienne Louves, Bligg), Fanatic Wave, Moisha, Richard Koechli, Auenland Records, Ricardo Sanz Studio 4U Records etc. His strengths are also compositions for advertising, marketing and industry, so he composed for the market leader in lathes and milling machines, Gildemeister Germany. Steven Phillips is represented in various projects, among others, Free Sound Project, World Wide Pro Audio Directory, i-Music Production Guide, Pleasurize Music Foundation etc. His clients include SF DRS, Sound Ville Recording Studios, City Disc etc.

Major influences in his music come from various bands and performers, not only from rock, pop, jazz and classical music, but also of so-called world music. These influences in his compositions are not relevant, Steven Phillips is generally open to new, modern arrangements and various style. He now presents for friends of smooth jazz his album Sax Inspiration (2019).

You can buy this album on iTunes.