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Rainforest Band – Peace To The Planet

The rain forest of the Amazon Basin has been threatened by deforestation and slash-and-burn for many decades. In 1990 keyboardist and composer Merl Saunders terrified by the devastation assembled a group of musicians that included Grateful Dead front man Jerry Garcia. They founded the Rainforest Band and released the album Blues From the Rainforest – A Musical Suite.

Merl’s son bassist Tony Saunders connected with guitarist Vernon “Ice” Black and gospel keyboardist Sylvester Burks to create a new suite of songs dedicated to the rainforest. The new album Peace To The Planet follows the intention of the previous formation, to make a contribution to saving the rainforest through music.

The album opens with S.I.Z., an energy loaded contemporary jazz tune featuring Jeff Ryan on saxophone as melody determining factor. Consequences continues to glisten with the eloquence and proficiency of guitarist Vernon “Ice” Black.

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