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Nicholas Cole – The Weekend

Keyboardist Nicholas Cole has since longtime developed from a phase of discovery into an established artist. A Journey of One (2010), Endless Possibilities (2012) and Night Sessions (2015) are milestones of his splendid solo career. His newest album The Weekend will arrive September 13, 2019.

The singles Sugar and Soulmates, which are already released from the new album, have reached top positions in the charts. Nicholas Cole opens with Recall a great sound panorama combining keyboard and percussive sounds in a innovative way.

If you love the television series Stranger Things on Netflix, this tune will spread its addictive magic too. Nicholas mingles soundscapes and harmonies in a dynamic mode that exerts an unusual charm. Turning It Up accesses the palette of the funk with the use of the Vocoder, fat bass and percussion gimmicks to build some party noise.

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