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Lukas Leuthold – Dancing On Golden Streets

Bands such as Yellow Jackets, Rippingtons, Level42, Mezzoforte and Jeff Lorber were for Suisse based Lukas Leuthold a real salvation as a piano student who had to practice during the instrumental lessons in school always only classical. The joy in gospel, fusion, funk and in pop music inspires him again and again and influences him as a keyboardist and bassist. For 20 years, he has been collecting his best inspirations and developing them now, on his40th birthday, to his first album.

The result is 10 songs (including three ballads), with the contribution of more than 20 regional musicians as well as the orchestra from South Africa, the winds from Mexico and two Indians. If that does not become a merger! With this record no effort was spared beside the typical band instruments like drums, bass & guitar, also the sounds of strings and brass, percussion, flutes, sitar and tabla, our village brook, to capture with microphones in order to make music. Music that breathes and is full of joy, where musicians let each other out and definitely not mainstream!

Dancing On Golden Streets is available on Lukas’ website.